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"When should I join the club?"

You may join the club at any time in your figure skating journey, however, full club and USFSA membership aren't needed until you are ready to start your testing journey!  Until then your membership through Learn to Skate USA is plenty. The two Learn to Skate programs that feed into our club membership are the Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex and Ice at the Galleria.  If you are a member of either of those LTS programs, we invite and encourage you to participate in any club-sponsored events, as well as purchase our club gear for competitions, etc.

Late Fee

All memberships expire June 30 of each year.  Register by August 31 to avoid the late fee.

Club Jackets

We encourage all members to represent the club with a club jacket! 

(Jackets are sold at specific times so keep checking back for more info.)



  • Subscription to "Skating" Magazine

  • Test at US FIGURE SKATING-sponsored test sessions

  • Compete at US FIGURE SKATING sanctioned events

  • Participate in US FIGURE SKATING events

  • US FIGURE SKATING membership card

  • Represent The Club at regional, sectional and national events


  • Senior members or parent/sponsors of junior members may also serve on the board of directors and vote in club elections.


(You must be a current member to vote, test, or compete.)

In Club Benefits

SC of Houston Membership

  • A full USFS membership and all its benefits

  • Membership price for Club hosted test sessions

  • Access to all Club Ice and member events as advertised

  • Various Skater Recognition avenues including competition Stipends and recognition

  • 10% discount off merchandise/5% discount off skates/blades at Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex Proshop

  • Athlete Stipend Policy and Application

Membership Types


Senior Member

For skaters over 18 years of age.  An Adult Sponsor is not required. A Senior member has full USFS and club membership privileges.


Junior Member

For skaters under 18 years of age.  An Adult Sponsor is required.  A Junior member has full USFS membership privileges but may not vote in club elections.


Introductory Member

For skaters who have not has a previous USFS membership.  Members under 18 must have an Adult Sponsor.


Adult Sponsor

An Adult Sponsor is required for any club member under the age of 18.  Adult Sponsors have full USFS and club membership privileges.

Additional Family Member

For additional members of a family that already has a Senior or Adult Sponsor.  Ideal for siblings in the same family.

Collegiate Member

A four year membership for skaters over 18 years of age and attending college.


Secondary member

A membership for a skater who does not have a primary membership with The Skating Club of Houston but wishes to participate in club activities such as teams, testing (at in club rates), or skating on designated club ice.  The skater will be listed in the USFS directory as a member of another club.  No Parent Sponsor/Additional Family membership is necessary or available in connection with this Secondary membership.



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