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General Inforamtion


In order to register for testing, please review the guidelines below and then click on the agree button.

IJS Protocol for Test Credit


Questions? E-mail Mark Peavy <>

By clicking on Proceed to Registration you agree to the Testing Rules and Guidelines below.

Testing Calendar

Aerodrome (In-Person)

  • June 29

  • Oct 26 


  • July 17

  • September 11

  • December 4


NOTE: If there is a high volume of tests, the session may also be held in part on Friday afternoon before, or Sunday morning of each date above.

Schedules and times are released approximately 1 week before the session.

Skating Club of Houston Testing Rules and Guidelines



  • Skaters must be a full member in good standing of United States Figure Skating at the time of registration. (Basic Skills memberships do not satisfy this requirement.)

    • Skaters must register online only, prior to the posted deadline. The Skating Club of Houston members must log in to the membership and testing site to register.

    • Non-members may click the link specifically for skaters who are visiting from other clubs. A $20 out of club fee will be assessed for visiting skaters.

  • If a session has larger registration than the club is able to accommodate, the following steps will be taken:

    • Alternate additional ice time may be obtained,

    • Tests may be cut based on the following:

      • Skating Club of Houston club members will have priority,

      • Entries will be considered based on their time/date stamp (earlier entries will receive priority),

      • Entries will be considered based on the ice and judge requirements (including the availability of specific “specialty” judging panels),

      • External factors may be considered, such as a testing requirement for an upcoming event, at the sole discretion of the Test Chair.


Late Registration

  • Late entries will be accepted at the sole discretion of the test chair and should be submitted to

  • Either the skater or the coach may submit the late entry; if the skater submits the entry, please cc: the coach on the message so the coach may confirm their approval.

  • Late entries will be added to the published schedule based on the following criteria:

    • Timeliness of notification,

    • Ice time requirement,

    • Judging panel requirement.

  • External factors may be considered, such as a testing requirement for an upcoming event, at the sole discretion of the Test Chair, but will not specifically override the above criteria.

  • Late entries that cannot be added to the published schedule due to time or other limitations will be listed on the wait list for the session. This list will be published with the schedule.

  • A last minute addition or substitution, after the schedule has been finalized or on the day of the test session, may be considered at the test chair’s sole discretion.

    • Priority will be given to on time registrants that may have been bumped due to a full session,

    • Late registrants will be considered based on timeliness of notification,

    • Tests will be added based on ice and judging requirements,

    • The test chair will contact the coach who will be responsible for notifying the skater and for confirming their availability

  • Late registrations will be subject to a $25 late fee.



  • Refunds are only given for a medical excuse from a doctor or a death in the family.

  • Tests will not be “rolled over” to the next test session. A refund will be issued and the skater must register for the next available test session.


Test Schedule

  • The final schedule will be posted to the club website 4-7 days before the test date. As a courtesy, notification of posting will be emailed to coaches participating in the test session.

  • The posted schedule may be subject to changes and the coaches of affected skaters will be notified; skaters should confirm their test time with their coach.

  • Every effort will be made to finalize the schedule 48 hours prior to the test.


Test Day

  • Skaters and coaches must arrive at the rink at least one hour early. (Note that for early morning tests, the rink will open at least one half hour prior to the first test.) The actual skate time can fluctuate during the course of the test session. Skaters who do not arrive at least one hour early and subsequently miss their event because their skate time is pushed up will forfeit their test. Extenuating circumstances may be considered, at the sole discretion of the Test Chair, it is important the skater or coach contact the test chair as quickly as possible.

  • If a skater is taking a contingent test and does not pass the underlying test, the contingent test fee will be retained by the club for the ice already reserved for the test session.

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